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The smashing pumpkins

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Smashing Pumpkins выпускают DVD [22 Oct 2008|03:44pm]

Coming Home Media испытывает чувство гордости в связи с тем, что ей предстоит выпустить новый альбом группы Smashing Pumpkins «If All Goes Wrong». Выпуск альбома планируется на понедельник 1 декабря 2008 года. Альбом выйдет на 2-х DVD-дисках. Его продолжительность составит более 4 часов.
В июне 2007 года Smashing Pumpkins предприняли традиционный тур по США. Местом своих выступлений они избрали две резиденции, одна - в Эшвилле, штат Северная Каролина, вторая - в Сан-Франциско, штат Калифорния. Альбом «If All Goes Wrong» группа записала в момент небывалой креативности, сокрушительной неизвестности и неопровержимой торжественности.

Продолжение читайте тут 
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haha... [20 Feb 2008|09:58pm]

a laugh for you pumpkin fans....

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YAY [14 May 2007|10:43am]

clip of new pumpkins song!!!!

The song is the first single and it is called Tarantula. I'm excited, bitches... It hits radio next week, yay!
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the pumpkins [17 Feb 2007|02:32pm]

hello pumpkin heads

i was just wondering... who is going to be on this new pumpkins cd? originally i thought it was going to be billy, jimmy, james, and the bassist from jane's addiction(can't remeber his name). but i heard today that it james wasn't apart of it! is this true? b/c if this is so i'm going to be very upset, now i love billy with all of my heart, but him and jimmy that can be zwan all over again. i really hope he doesn't pull off some zwan or solo stuff (even though i did kind of like both) as some new pumkins!

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Rumor coming down the pipe line [31 May 2006|01:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

According to http://members.cox.net/pbr/
title or description
Eric Avery(ex-Jane's Addiction) has taken up offer to become the new bassist for The Smashing Pumpkins. While it was strongly rumored that the band's original line-up would be making a full fledged return, Avery could not be a better pick to add to the roster. Considering the Jane's/Pumpkins connections through the years and the fact that both early incarnations of the band sounded similar, it should be quite interesting to see what comes out of this. Especially since that means Corgan is now going to have one of the best rhythm sections in modern rock.

Listen to the Pumpkins' Silverfuck back to back with Juana's Three Days then you will know what I'm talking about.

If only James comes back to the fold then I will totally be alright with this developement. No "Yee-hah" Iha then I'll be less happy. I will still totally go to all the shows I can, buy the record and the corresponded t-shirts but it won't be whole heartedly. It might be, you never know.

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Hurricane Katrina special on Sundance [31 Mar 2006|02:02pm]
James Iha & Michael Stipe along with other recording artist, are getting involved with helping Hurricane Katrina victims. Sundance Channel did a short documentary film on it. http://www.sundancechannel.com/inthesun
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look you bastards, more of a confirmation! [19 Jan 2006|12:02pm]


Smashing Pumpkins set to reform for festivals
Live dates this year looking more likely

Smashing Pumpkins are strongly rumoured to be reforming this summer for live shows - with Coachella touted as their comeback.

Singer Billy Corgan has made no secret of the fact he wants to reform his old band, and NME.COM has learned the band are set to make their comeback at the Californian festival on April 30.

Writing recently on his webpage, Corgan hinted reformation plans were coming along.

"The surprise I have in store for you all will be announced soon enough," he said. "Hold on to your horses. After all, good things surely comes to those who wait....Don't you just love the suspense?"

Corgan remains friends with former Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain, and is also in contact with the band's second bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, having collaborated with her on her forthcoming second solo album.

The first rumours of the band reforming came when the singer took out an advert in the local Chicago Tribune newspaper where he said "his heart" remains with his old band.

He wrote: "When I played the final Smashing Pumpkins show on the night of December 2, 2000, I walked off the stage believing that I was forever leaving a piece of my life behind. I naively tried to start a new band, but found that my heart wasn't in it. I moved away to pursue a love that I once had but got lost. So I moved back home to heal what was broken in me, and to my surprise I found what I was looking or. I found that my heart is in Chicago, and that my heart is in the Smashing Pumpkins.

"For a year now I have walked around with a secret, a secret I chose to keep. But now I want you to be among the first to know that I have made plans to renew and revive the Smashing Pumpkins. I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams. In this desire I feel I have come home again."

Smashing Pumpkins split in 2000 after the release of their final album 'Machina'. Following the split Corgan formed Zwan, who split after one record.
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cumming from every orafice! [18 Jan 2006|04:37pm]

[ mood | glee ]


I'm so going this year and I'll be upfront on both nights but I'll be crying my eyes on night 2. This better be for real, I've been predicting this and there were a lot of rumors flying around but it is about damn time!

Is it Billy, James, D'arcy and Jimmy though? That is truly the question... It's a year shy of 2007 but hey, I'm not complaining.

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Smashing Pumpkins DVD for sale [01 Dec 2005|09:18am]
I am starting to put a bunch of my stuff for sale up on eBay. Here's the first piece.

The Smashing Pumpkins
Greatest Hits Video Collection

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[01 Oct 2005|08:03am]


06 Billy Corgan
06 D'Arcy Wretzky

( Click for the rest )

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Please add Celestial Mischief to your MySpace [19 Sep 2005|03:27am]


Check me out!

We're a band with very strong Smashing Pumpkins influences!
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[16 Aug 2005|02:17am]

I have had to resort to selling my SP CD collection. I am making copies though, but still, this is like, a crazy collection.

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Tributto The Smashing Pumpkins cd for .59 Cents [09 Aug 2005|04:00am]



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

.59 Cents!

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Smashing Pumpkins Boots [07 Jul 2005|01:02am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

A lot of SP Boots for sale!


This isn't working, so I made a webpage. please click here: http://geocities.com/nomen_mihi_est


Read more...Collapse )

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Billy Corgan posters [30 Jun 2005|02:31pm]

Hello. I recently put up a bunch of promotional Billy Corgan posters for the Atlanta show, and I had several left over so I posted them on e-bay. Check them out!

I only have 3 listed now, but I'll be listing several more soon.


x posted
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the future embrace [26 Jun 2005|11:19am]

hey guys

i was just wondering what everyone thought of the new record and whats your favorite song?

i'm not sure how i feel about it but i do like pretty pretty star

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[25 Jun 2005|04:05pm]

if you like Billy Corgan or the pumpkins (who are reforming!!) you should check this link out!
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[10 Apr 2005|11:01am]
The Mellon Collie illustrator, John Craig -- the lyrics booklet pictures are amazing, especially the crescent moon found on this community's User Info page. What similar artists draw like that? That beautiful, renaissance-y look?
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Newbie [28 Feb 2005|01:27pm]

I love the pumpkins. No one else understands my love for this band. They were the first cocert I've ever seen. I'm looking for some lj friends if anyone is interested. My entries are mostly private but I've been trying to update publicly now. Are there any other Pumpkin communities?
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New/Community [23 Feb 2005|09:14am]
User Name: lipstick__kills
Name: Theo
Age: 25
Location: Indiana, USA

I've been to two of their shows, it was during the Mellon Collie tour.

adoredarcy A Community dedicated to D'arcy Wretzky the original bass player from the Smashing Pumpkins.
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